Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Funday Monday: Massages

My roommate and I decided to go to get massages last week but then I wasn't feeling up to it so we moved it to yesterday Monday. It was the perfect day for it. It rained all day and it was cooler than usual, so we headed into Granada for massages and lunch. (Just like old times ;-)

My favorite couples massage duo, Dream Spa, has moved! They've changed locations but it doesn't matter those hands of theirs are still in business. If you've seen my previous post you know that they are two of my favorite people outside the congregation.

Here's the current pix and location if you're also interested in a little Funday Monday Massage.

Omar and his wife Xiomara are now working within the walls of the La Cigale Hotel on the Calzada across from the school before you get to Mona Lisa Pizza. Despite the proximity to the school the location is tranquil and private. 

The hotel is a former colonial home that has been turned into a peaceful haven for weary travelers. They have about 9 rooms for $65/night. That's a two person room with a continental breakfast. The hotel is nice but we went for the massages. 

The current special is 2 one hour, tandem massages for $40. That's $20/person or $25 if you decide to come alone. Either way, you won't regret it. They are both very professional and qualified folks. As you can see we left feeling very relaxed and content. Just be careful not to step on the baby turtles.

Enjoy your next Funday Monday and if you go for massages tell them I said 'Hi.'