Sunday, May 10, 2015

March/April 2015 and Current Events

March & April were such busy months I didn't have a moment to spare for my poor blog so here's a summary of how it went down:

bonus silliness
The memorial this year was great we had lots of deaf and lots of pictures afterwards. So nice to be inside the KH this year! We enjoyed it. Maybe a little too much.

March 2015 Assembly
The assembly was just before the memorial this year. We were busy campaigning for the memorial but we had a great time with friends in Ticuantepe. So many friends to see old and new. 


These are all the happenings in between. The birth of Dayana Shelina Chalupa. Lots of studies, some great demos during the meetings. Another visit from Marquida. A little coffee and a lot of Cookie ;-D