Thursday, February 12, 2015

Help A Need a Greater Near You

There are many ways to help a need greater visiting your congregation that goes beyond a financial donation. Of course, I'm not knocking money because who doesn't need a little extra? But sometimes we just don't have cash to give so here are some ideas that help a need greater visiting in your area.

Let's count them down from ten:

10. Local Branch News - Thanks to this is becoming less of an issue for those of us from the US in foreign assignments.

9. Local congregation news - Not encouraging gossip in any way friends, just the sharing of pertinent information i.e. births, deaths, and marriages.

8. Gifts to bring back for the local brothers. 

7. A ride to and from the airport - A trip to and from the airport can often alleviate unwanted nerves and stress that comes with travel, plus it gives you time to catch up.

6. A place to sleep. 

5. A vehicle - Not everyone has an extra vehicle sitting in the garage or available but if you do, you can really help a need greater by giving them the freedom to come and go with a vehicle. If you're visiting an area where things are particularly spread out it can be difficult to get to meetings where your friends are and to work. Having a friend with a car you can use can be a life saver.

4. Food - Who doesn't want food?

3. Encouragement to stay in assignment - This might seem like a weird thing but, all of us need greaters go through times when things are particularly difficult or frustrating. There's nothing worse than going home and having people encouraging you to drop everything and return to the comforts of home. Most of us have made quite a few sacrifices to serve where the need is greater. We don't need to be reminded of what we're missing by not coming back. Trust me. What helps us the most is when people remind us that our sacrifices aren't in vain and that we're doing more by sticking it out despite low moments.

2. Keep in touch or just come for a visit. - We miss you as much as you miss us.

1. Work - The most stressful and worrisome thing that many need-greaters endure is how to stay in their assignments without going broke. Even with a buffer eventually someway some how, money must come in to support your preaching activity. There are a variety of ways to support oneself while trying live abroad. Some have found themselves teaching a language, offering online tech support, or creating their own business. If you have work for a need-greater please check out this website here at to add your business to the growing list. 

As for me, I'm going to do what ever it takes to stay here. Got work for me? Please use the contact form to the right. I'm currently teaching English and tutoring in sign language. I have room for a couple more clients if you're interested. :-)

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