Tuesday, February 10, 2015

COUNTING THE COST: U.S. To Nicaragua Air Travel

Something I haven't talked about much is airline choices for coming to Nicaragua. Like most people it usually boils down to the price for me, but for people coming for the first time here are a few things to consider:

Time of day
Who is picking you up if anyone? Some of the best travel deals will have the oddest hours and you may not want to risk it if traveling alone or with children.

Time of year
There are some times of year that are better if your moving here versus visiting. We found out the hard way when our friends over at Tricia tried to come down using strictly plastic bins as opposed to luggage. 

Ease of travel
Going with a smaller airline or a cheaper airline may save you money but might not make your travel experience enjoyable. Meals and luggage allotment can make or break it for some people. 

Here's a what a typical travel search looks like for me.

I consider the factors. I'm going to contact friends for a ride so I know I can look for the cheapest deal no matter the hour. (Note: To get people to pick you up and or drop you off in the middle of the night, offer to bring them back something they can't get here. Sure they need gas money but for the inconvenience of a red eye flight stateside goodies go a long way.)

I like using Orbitz or Travelocity for my initial search. I may get something like this:

Then I check some of the flights that might be cheaper because they are outside my preferred location.

Next I check for airlines that fly where I'm going outside of the Orbitz airline partners. I.e. Southwest etc.

Finally I chose from what I've found the best times and dates for my purposes and purchase them. After that I quickly make pick up and drop off arrangements with local friends.

That's it. Easy peasy!

Thinking of coming down and have a question that wasn't answered here, comment below or send me a private message using the form on the right.

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