Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Blog Recap - A Year In Review

This year I posted 28 times on this blog. That's about a post every two weeks. Not bad but if I'm being honest it could be better. 

This year I saw some beautiful sights both near and far...

...and did some travel here and there.

 Welcomed two new members to my family! Girls are great!

 Met up with some old friends and met some new ones. 

Did a little light reading.

1st Regional Convention ever: Milwaukee, WI

Said goodbye to some old friends...

...and to our old place in Nindiri and moved to a new place a few blocks away. Lots of changes and I can't wait for you to see them. 

This little thing called Instagram killed my blog because I spend most of my time now posting pictures there. If you've got Instagram send me a message (especially if you don't have an obvious name) so I can add you.


This was a busy year but this post is already too long. There will be plenty more in 2015 so if you haven't been getting my emails each time I add a post add your email to the "Get My Emails Here" box in the upper right of this post. 

The Masaya Sign Language congregation is still as busy as ever, come and see for yourself ;-)



  1. Thank you for remembering my baby as a part of your 2014 *tear, sniff, sniff* :)