Monday, June 30, 2014

Milwaukee Regional Convention - 31k+


Gotta love the umbrellas! 
Here's a bit of what I took away from the regional convention at Miller Park Stadium in Milwaukee, WI.

We peaked at almost 32k. With so many people I didn't get to see as many of my old friends as I'd hoped, but I'm sure they enjoyed the program of spiritual feeding as much as I did.

Huge convention with lots of delegates broadcast on video from NJ. Recognize any of them???
I reconnected with some amazing friends. I posted most of the pictures on Instagram so I'm not going to repeat those here but here are the ones that didn't make it.  

If you didn't see me at the convention, don't worry,  I was thinking of you. Drop me a line when you get the chance. I miss you.

Baptized together at the same Special Assembly Day the 28th of October
Those of you who received my invitation might be checking out this blog for the first time and wondering if you should come visit. The answer to that question is: yes. We'd love to have you here. The 'harvest is great' and we could use the workers if you're willing. For more on preaching in Nicaragua click here.

Feel free to leave a "spoiler free" comment below!



  1. I was so excited to see the Turners in those great outfits. We miss them. We saw another photo of them and that cool vintage preaching truck on IG too.
    And yes, for those reading Shelina's blog for the first time- Definitely go to Nicaragua! You will have amazing experiences!

    1. Thanks Zach and Robynn!!! I love your new post about the magnet invitations you made. I pray more people go to Honduras too ;-) There's so much work to be done!

  2. Shelina, you look amazing at your conv! I'm glad you got to go to support your Mom. And visitors, YES! Please come see us here in Nicaragua. We need all the help we can get!

    1. Thanks girl! You know how we do when we get back to the States!

  3. Hi Shelina! I love your pictures. I would love to see your pics in Instagram. Is there any way i can find you?

    1. Sure I think my IG name is ShelinaTV, I won't add you if I don't recognize your name so just send me an email or accept my follow so I can see who you are and I'll add you.