Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Good Bye To The Green

If you haven't noticed from my past pictures I'll try to remind you. My apartment in Granada had green walls the four years I lived there, that I was forced to endure.  

Imagine my excitement when I moved into the house in Nindiri and found that they'd painted most of the walls the same green! Ahhh!
Yes it's been a long time, but I finally painted. I wanted a neutral color that would kill this green forever. I can't tell you the torture of being home sick for days and having only those green walls for company. The time has finally arrived. My bedroom walls are no longer green. 
I went with:




Before (above) and After (below)

Its a silver, purple, gray that makes me happy to open my eyes in the morning. I'll be using it as the backdrop for my colorful accessories and photos. 

I know, I know the pictures don't do it justice. Guess you'll have to come down here and see it for yourself!



  1. I love the new color Shelina! I'm a big fan of neutrals, and colors, but they have their place. I love it!

    It really would be awesome to come down to Nicaragua! :( Since my friends who had moved there aren't coming back for a while, not to mention I'm learning Hindi and there's none there, I'm planning on a different place. I will still get to Nica one dayyy!

    Thanks for posting,


  2. Can you do the living room too! Man that's horrid!!