Monday, April 28, 2014

New 5 Question Interview (VIDEO): Meet Jocelyn

Hey, everybody, sorry it's been so slow around here. Thought I'd pick things up with another 5 question interview of someone who spent some time preaching here in Nicaragua. Decided to do a video just to switch things up. 

Having trouble with the video?

Well, here's a quick breakdown of what we talked about.

Who's Jocelyn?

21 years old
Born in Ecuador but has been in the U.S since the age of 9.

Why Nicaragua?

At age 16 an elder shared a story of another sister who had come to Nicaragua and the wonderful experience that she'd had. From then on it had been a goal to come and serve in Nicaragua.

Any Surprises?

Pleasantly surprised to be serving in a congregation with lots of rural territory. 

What will you miss the most about Nicaragua?

1. Ministry
2. Bible Studies
3. Roommates
4. Congregation

What advice would you give to people contemplating serving where the need is greater?

Put the matter to Jehovah in prayer. Be specific and He will answer you. Speak to your family about the matter. Make plans and get organized to go.

Want to see more 5 question interviews? Click on the link here.



  1. Loved the video! Thanks for the switch up it was really nice and funny. Girl, you were smooth! I would have been jacking that all up! Good team work Shawn the camera woman!

    1. I'm glad you liked it. Next time it's your turn! *teeheehee* the bloopers are half the fun.

  2. So happy to see young people making it a goal to serve abroad. Great interview!

    1. Thanks! Speaking of serving abroad, how are your plans coming?

  3. Guess what! We bought our tickets a few weeks ago and we leave on June 2 heading to Paraguay! We'll only be there a month this time around but I am already making plans, with many prayers to Jehovah of course, to return later this year for a longer stay. Soooo excited! You and Shawn's posts have kept me motivated! Muchas, muchas gracias!

  4. You're very welcome and I can't wait to see your stories! They will be an encouragement for all of us.

  5. Auntie Jocelyn! We had such good times together!