Monday, December 2, 2013

Welcome to Nindiri!

We have settled in to our new home in Nindiri! I know this post has been a long time coming but I wanted to be able to tell you the truth when I say: I LOVE IT!

Very Rough Floor Plan
LR=Living Room, T=toilet, B=Bedroom, K=Kitchen, G=Garden Patio, and W=Washer room

View of the living room from kitchen
Kitchen view from the side

Here's what I've learned while unpacking and organizing. The best thing about living somewhere furnished is that you don't have to buy a bunch of furniture. The thing about moving to another 'furnished' home is that the new place never has the same furniture.

View of the Kitchen from the front door

I lost two side tables with storage, a bed, a stove and a washer. Yeah, some big ticket items there, but we managed to purchase what we needed. You'll see a good look of the bed and stove in the pictures.

Middle Bedroom/Shawn's Bedroom/Bathroom
I need to get creative with my storage and decorating options in the new space so I've been living on Alessandra Costello's YouTube channel among others. She as well as a few others do budget organizing options that I really like. I've already implemented a few.

View from my bed of bathroom door and my backdoor
The best thing about this new place is how much my puppy, Cookie, loves it. She and my roommate's dog have a little back patio garden for the first time. Cookie has never had so many plants and so much dirt at her disposal. It's been...interesting. But she's getting to know the dogs in our neighborhood and she loves being on the ground floor and barking at anyone who chances to walk by while she's on 'guard.'

My New Bed
Do you see a sleeping Cookie?

Garden patio /Bodega with new washer/above the water tank/My bedroom window on the right



  1. It looks awesome, can't wait to see it in person! ;).
    I'll be posting pics of my new place this week.

    Take care!

  2. Thanks for continuing to follow my journey. I can't wait to see YOU in person! When you get here we've got a special spot just for you. Loving your blog posts so far. You are really shedding a lot of new light on a place I didn't know much about. With the 12 hour time difference it's getting a little tricky ;-) but we'll manage it.

  3. And an FYI to anyone loving the pictures...the house next door is owned by the same family and has basically the same layout. Just planting the seed....

  4. Looks great!! I really have been enjoying your blog. Nicaragua is now on my list of places I want to look into for serving next year. Are you still in sign language? I think it was you that mentioned once that if you know asl then sign language there is similar. Is that right? I'm an interpreter now & in sign language.

    1. Yes, still in sign language and love it. Going from one sign language is easier than going from English to Spanish. True. As an interpreter I can tell you it's not that hard. Still a learning curve though. Send me a note if you have more questions. I'd love to help you.

  5. Your house looks adorable! Btw, I just looked at a map, and we are almost directly north of you. We are planning a trip through Nicaragua in March/April and would love to meet up if you have time. Send me an email through my blog if that sounds doable.

    1. Yes we're very happy here. There is a form on the right, if you fill it out with your email I can email you directly from here. I would love to get together with you both and look forward to it.