Monday, December 16, 2013

Need-Greaters Share Your Experiences Online Your Way

Choosing a place to post your pictures is a personal decision. Not everyone is fond of the very public viewing of their posts and photos on a blog like this one. Even though we all know there is no such thing as private, there are some sites that are designed to be more public than others. Let's talk about just a few. 

There are photo sharing sites that allow users to login, make comments and purchase prints:


Then there are Blogs
  • a personal website or web page on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis- Oxford World Dictionary
    -Shortened from the original: World Wide Web + log

Starting a blog can be a pretty simple process. You have the choice of making it as public or private as you like.

The two easiest to use if you're starting out are:


How to use a blog:

1) Photo sharing. You can have just captioned pictures for people to see without a lot of explanation and story.

2) Share stories. They can be long or short, with or without pictures.

3) A combination of the above.

A blog is commonly written by one person to be shared with many. However, a blog is unique in that you can have multiple 'Authors' or contributors who have the ability to add posts to one blog. This option is great for families keeping in touch over great distances and for friends who are writing about the same theme to the same group of friends.

Email is still an option.

There's something nice about getting an email with a personal experience and photos for some people. Emails allow you the freedom to personalize the information as much as you'd like. Also the people getting your emails can read them and respond directly to you privately. You can add photos and stories in PDF form that can be read on any document reader.

No matter what you decide to do, sharing your experience online in one way or another is vital to keeping your people up-to-date on your news without repeating the same story or sending out an email with about 50 people's emails in the header for all to see. (Note: not everyone likes to have their email shared publicly).

There's a lot of options out there, how do you share stories and pictures with family over long distances? What's worked and what hasn't worked? Feel free to comment below.



  1. Instagram - I never thought I'd say it but I love it! So easy and no reading/writing required

    1. Speaking as a new addict, I don't know what I've ever did without it.

  2. I'm just a local need greater, but I share via Instagram [@_tinyteem], and my blog [] . It helps to keep my friends updated who I don't see often.

    1. When learning Hindi you're not 'just' anything darling, you're amazing! Can't wait to see more from your blog.