Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What Need-Greaters Need To Know About Getting Part-Time Work Abroad

What kind of work can I get?

This question is asked by so many of us at different times it's hard to even write this post. Living in a country where you don't have a work visa can be tough. Even with a work visa you may not get the kind of work you're looking for. For example there's no point in worrying about a work visa if you only make 5 dollars in 8 hours. Need-greaters all over the world are looking for part-time work that will sustain them in the field as long as possible without returning to their home country for extended periods time.


The bible studies, of course, silly! There's a reason why this is need-greater territory, it's because there are lots of bible studies and potential but not enough 'workers.' Which means: every time you go home to work is another week, month, or year that your bible studies go unattended. Fruit that is left unpicked for too long eventually falls to the ground and goes bad. That's what its like here when you meet someone who's been waiting for a bible study and then gets one, only to have a 3-6 month hiatus when you return home for work.

The difference between staying here and going home can be as low as $200/month. 

Seriously, that's all?! 

Yes, I wouldn't lie to you. 

So what kind of work should a need-greater be looking to acquire?

That's the question of the day. If I had the answer I would tell you. Honestly. All I can do is tell you what some people are doing and maybe we can post below in the comments any ideas you might have.


  • TEACHING ENGLISH (online, or private lessons)
  • ARTS & CRAFTS (making jewelry, paintings or some other art that can be sold here or there)
  • VIRTUAL COMMUTER - (this just means that a job you can do from 'abroad' or 'home' working for a company that is based in your home country or territory.) These are the best if you can get them but hard to come by unless you're already working for a company that knows you.
  • JOURNALIST - (writing magazine articles, blog articles or copy for businesses who pay by the article or post.)

Okay, yeah, that's all I've got. As you can see I need a little help with this one. What am I doing? Still traveling back and forth to the States and working for about 4-6 weeks at a time every 9 months or so. If you have any ideas please chime in and help a need-greater out. I will do my best to add to this list as options become known to me.


Here's a link to my latest post on the subject
Online Interpreter Job Wanted



  1. Hi Shelina,
    It was great to see you in San Salvador. Great post. It's a question that we've been asked many times too.

    Teaching English online seems to really be a good option - there are many Chinese students looking for help with their English and some companies that are willing to hire people even without a certificate. One thing that has to be considered though is the strength of your internet. For example, here in Pearl Lagoon it isn't strong enough to be able to teach English. The other options you have listed are great too.

    Think about what tourists buy when they come to visit your town - can you make postcards, bookmarks etc. with the pictures you have taken?

    1. Good to see you too! Thanks so much for sharing. We find even in the city of Granada it takes some doing to get high speed internet strong enough for two-way video. But that's kind of why I brought it up. There's got to be SOMETHING! I like your idea about making crafts or pictures into postcards. I thought about that once and never did anything about it, I'll look into it again.

    2. Anonymous
      I'm replying about the online translating job. Can you send me a what's app to 1-432-258-4887

  2. You know I am a need-greater in Paraguay and i have so much work online translating that i am pulling my hair out. I can't find anyone here. I have gone through two people, one was horrible at it and the other hated it. i've asked my family in the states for someone...nada. it's so much work i am thinking about quiting which is a shame because it pays good and could really help someone out.

    1. So you're a need greater in Paraguay? I have been asking around mainly in my circuit and district in Georgia to find out if any one has served there before. I know of a missionary couple there who serve in the South of the country. What part of Paraguay are you in? I would really appreciate hearing more about your experience.


    2. Hello I am in the capital, Asuncion. There are a lot of needgreaters and Paraguay always welcomes more. There is a sister at the branch whose whole job is just to help the needgreaters/missionaries get their legal papers here. I have heard from A LOT of needgreaters that say the reason they chose PY was because of the excellent reply they got from the branch here. Of course PY isn't for everyone (the heat about kills me every year) but I thought I would be doing well if I made it at least a year but here I am 4 years later with no plans on going back. Paraguay has the largest ratio of pubs to habitants of all the Spanish speaking countries.

    3. Hi! Thanks for replying and yes you're right. I loved the reply the branch sent to my letter. Very warm and encouraging. They sent the names of 2 congregations. One is a Spanish congregation in Fram, Itapia and another is a Guarani congregation in Eusebio, Ayala. I've been in contact with the COBE for Fram and i'm seriously considering going there the spring of next year. I've read about Paraguay in our publications and one of the reasons I chose to write there is because of the pub to population ratio. You're right it has the largest ratio of the south american countries, 1 to about 780 or so I think. Its commendable that you have been able to stay and help there. You commented about work online. Are you still doing that? I would like to find some type of work that would allow me to stay longer than 3 or 4 months. The branch did say the weather can get somewhat unbearable. But I look forward to going.

    4. Hello, is the job about translating still available? Email me at Thanks!

    5. I'd like to find out the same thing!

  3. Hi Shelina! My name is Samantha and I live in Georgia, USA. I am contemplating serving in a foreign country and that same question has been running through my mind. I have considered coming home after a certain amount of time to work and then going back but then like you mentioned there would be the dilemma of having to leave behind your Bible students. I've also considered online work but then wondered again whether I could get a good connection wherever I served. Actually, I have been seriously considering serving in Paraguay. Do you know the brother or sister who posted a comment about serving there? I would really like to know what the expense of living is like where they are serving.

    1. I've got a new post on this theme coming soon. Stay tuned.

  4. Hola Shelina!
    Cómo estás? Recientemente he estado orando mucho a Jehová sobre un tema similar a este, ya que a partir del próximo año comenzaré a trabajar. Últimamente he deseado volver al precursorado pero es muy difícil encontrar un trabajo, número 1 y número 2, un trabajo que sea de medio tiempo que te permita cumplir el requisito de horas.
    He llegado a la conclusión de que Jehová no sólo puede ayudarte en este aspecto sino que hasta podría darte buenas ideas para que puedas estar más tiempo en Nicaragua y seguir sirviendo. Siempre me gusta leer tus posts. Son divertidos y animadores.

    Espero verte pronto.

    Saludos =) TQM

  5. Hola Jandra!

    Gracias por tu comentario. Estoy feliz de ver a mis amigos nicaragüenses disfrutando de mi blog. Ciao carino, te quiere mucho tambien.

  6. Is the translating job still available?

    1. I'm not posting for a translating job here. If you're looking for something specific I'm afraid you've got the wrong blog. I hope you find what you're looking for, though.