Monday, September 9, 2013

El Salvador English District Convention

We met so many fabulous people on this trip. The local brothers viewed our visit as an "International." They gave us gifts and were warm and welcoming. 

From the minute we got off the 14 hour ride in the bus we were showered with a warm welcome from the local brothers of homemade sandwiches and bottled water. They also provided rides to the friends to their prospective lodging places, whether they be in the homes of local brothers or in hotels, everyone was cared for and looked after.

The brother who was kind enough to pick us up not only was willing to bring us and all our bags to our hotel but he gave us a small tour of the area, showing us some of the sights as well as where the convention would be held the following morning.

We had a rare and wonderful visit to Starbucks! Nicaragua doesn't have one, but San Salvador has two and we saw both. I didn't get a souvenir but I got lots of pictures and got to try their new Carmel Crunch Frappucino. Fabulous!

We also got to scope out where we wanted to eat. The same brother later invited us to dine with them for a meal after the convention with his family. We went to a local restaurant that is well known for their Pupusas. That's a fresh tortilla with cheese and meat cooked inside of it. I had the cheese with jalapeƱo. It was delicious. They also served a few other things that were new to me. Fried yucca, for example. I hate yucca as most of you know but fried like french fries they are excellent. I finally found a yucca I can stand ;-).

During the convention we also had an opportunity to feel the warm welcome. The English Convention and a Spanish Convention were being held simultaneously so we had the opportunity to meet several brothers and sisters who were there for their local convention. They were so excited to see us. It was not uncommon for us to be pulled aside while walking to take pictures with them.

Overall, the brotherly love of the friends in San Salvador was spectacular.

There's more in this short series on El Salvador, soon to come: "How the brothers and sisters overcame various challenges to their attendance at the convention?"


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  1. I love seeing the unity and warmth among the brothers and sisters in Jehovah's organization. It's like one big, multi-national, multi-lingual family! Btw i also love yucca prepared sort of like mashed potatoes with chives and butter. Yum!