Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spanish Pioneer School Granada

This year for pioneer school in Granada I helped out by being a meal server, almost everyday. The food was prepared by a brother who did all the major cooking and, with the help of a few sisters, managed noon meals for about 40 people.

It was an undertaking. The nice thing about being behind the scenes is you get to see how things are "really" done here in Nicaragua.

I included a few videos so you can get the idea of what went into this project.

Fabulous fun that I recommend to all. It was such a privilege to be a part of the local pioneer class during lunch. I'm looking forward to my own class in a couple of weeks. Be on the look out for pictures of the very first sign language pioneer school class in Nicaragua.

What was your favorite part about pioneer school or volunteering during pioneer school? 



  1. I wanted to see the done product....
    that was gonna be my favorite part.
    I am eating 10 weeks of PSS food here in Managua this fritanga and weekends is actually pretty appealing.

  2. I know I should have done that but I was serving so I had my hands full ;-)
    It was fabulous though.

  3. My fave thing about volunteering during PS was giving back. When I went in 2009 the bros were literally FIGHTING on who could give us hospitality and it made us feel soooo wanted and special. I wanted this new batch of students to feel the same :)