Monday, July 22, 2013

I'm Sick and I Want My Mommy!

I have to tell you something: my roommate is sick. One of the worst things that people who leave home figure out fairly early is that when you're sick. You want one person and one person to take care of you while you're sick (i.e. MOM) and they aren't there.

It can be a very lonely and nervous time abroad when you get sick. Having a roommate or two to help out around the house is a good thing. I've been the sickie and the caregiver, so I know a little something about it. You do what you can but it's not the same.

When people ask what is one of the hardest things about being away from home? This is the question you know the answer to the minute you're stuck in bed and your mom is a six hour plane ride away. Gotta go and take care of my roommie!

Stay healthy out there and remember to call home once in awhile.

What is it that you need the most when you're sick?



  1. So true! Being sick is never a good thing, but at least you have the comfort of being watched over by Mommy who knows all the tricks to help you feel better. Thank goodness for all the pharmacy's. And Skype. The only other creature comfort you have to do without is a humidifier.

  2. By the way.. Nice picture Shelina... lol

  3. Thanks Jessica! That picture is what happens when you literally cough out your eyeballs :-P
    Not fun! But survived it.

    When you coming back down?

  4. All I can say about your picture is "wow" lol. Being sick in a foreign land is NEVER fun. I need you to stay well so we can get that sushi when I return!