Thursday, May 30, 2013


Okay, I have to admit something to you. I'm kind of a shoe addict. It's a relatively new thing in my life. I'm the kid who didn't care about my shoes much unless they were purple ;-) Things have changed. Shoes have become my favorite accessory. Living in Nicaragua though my shoe collection has taken on a new look and feel. I have fewer shoes with heels and a lot more shoes based on comfort for those long walks in service.

Something you should know about living in a Central America you're going to go to assemblies and see some fabulous shoes but your service shoes are what really matter. Too many people come down here and don't pay enough attention to the fact that they will be walking in their shoes for five hours or more a day. 

This post is about what kind of shoes we wear and I included pictures so that you can go to the store and try them out yourself before you come down.

The first is a shoe that a missionary sister I know likes to use. She wears my size so I did try them on and they felt great but by the time I tried to get them, they were sold out. They looked a lot like the ones below.

This is my first pair of Privos a Clark brand. They've been with me for three years and despite a few worn spots they are still a fantastic investment. I liked them so much in fact I bought another pair last year. 

There was one name that kept coming up, over and over again in shoes...Crocs. I know! Right? I've resisted and fought and tried to deny it but...I finally broke down and well, they're one of the best shoes I ever felt on my feet. We're currently in the rainy season here and these shoes are as light as air and easy to clean, so I bought two pairs. Here are the styles that I settled on.


So to all the people that I said I would NEVER buy them and that I hated all of them. Well, obviously, I've changed my opinion. Now, I'm the one telling you, TRY THEM! You might be just as surprised as me.  

You may have noticed that these shoes are not going to win any beauty contests, but in the how well they do on a long day in service, these shoes rate a solid 10!

What kind of shoes do you recommend? What do you think of my suggestions? Feel free to comment below.

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  1. I am one of "those people" you speak of who is a total Crocs convert, and....I told you so. ;)

    Problem is back home I have to stop myself from wearing them every day, everywhere.

    Thanks for the post, miss you lots!


    1. Yeah, I find myself slipping them on to go outside instead of my "chinelas" (aka flip flops). It's all your thanks!

  2. Clarks Privos got me through a whole year of climbing up dusty mountains in Bolivia. I actually still wear them sometimes. The first pair of Crocs I have too--they're so easy to clean,comfortable, and REALLY not THAT bad looking as far as Crocs go! Though I think I got more support from the Clarks.

    1. Yes I do have to say the Crocs that I purchased don't have the support that my Clarks do. But they are so much lighter that I hardly have any problems walking in uneven terrain. I do switch them out now and again ever since I noticed it though.

      And NO they're not that bad looking.