Friday, March 15, 2013

San Marcos & Poolside

Object in picture is actually bigger than it appears. Met this loud fellow outside of Jim & Kelly's place in San Marcos. He was a bit insistant about coming in and joining us for dinner but we shut the door on that dream.  It was nice to get out of the city and the noise of traffic to the beautiful and quite noisy sound of nature. It was a cool too, for a change. 

I had a great time and now that I know how to get there I'll be able to go back anytime ;-)

 Here's me dressed up in yellow next to my yellow bus from Jinotepe to Granada. I didn't know I'd match so well. 

The nice thing about missing the last bus is that you're early for the next one ;-) I ended up with the coveted front seat. No one on my lap, no sun on my neck with no windows and no standing hunched over for miles. It was a great ride home.

Yeah, and in the mean time, I've been roughing it at the pool. Thanks to Darren and Vic opening up their home on Tuesday mornings we've got a great place to swim for free! 
We're going to miss them.


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