Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet Andrea

Here is a new 5 question interview with the newest member of Masaya Sign Language here in Nicaragua. See what she has to say below.

Why Nicaragua or was Nicaragua your first choice?

I knew I wanted to try serving where there was a greater need, but wasn't sure where to go. I admit, I didn't have Nicaragua on my radar at all but it just kind of fell into place. I have family serving in Nicaragua and they invited me to visit and had great things to share about the ministry here. So I decided to try it out for myself. 

Do you Speak Spanish fluently, moderately, or at all when you arrived?

None. Hola was about all I knew....and it's a work in progress. 

What is your favorite thing about living in Nicaragua?

Since you ask for my favorite and not a list....To be brutally honest, the climate. Being from Canada, it's nice not to be dealing with snow storms and sub zero temperatures. There are however lots of things I love about living here.

What helped/hindered you make the decision to move to Nicaragua?

Everything really just fell into place, it couldn't have worked out better for me.  I have had the goal of serving in another country for a long, long, time.  For whatever reason I always got sidetracked. I made up my mind about a year before arriving that I was going serve where there was a need, wherever that may be. I had to change my lifestyle and make some sacrifices in order to reach my goal. When I decided that I might like to visit Nicaragua I wrote the Mexico branch for assistance and asked them where there was a need in Sign Language. They responded with some options, one of which was the congregation I am in now. I think the hardest thing for me was making the decision of where to go.

What is one piece of advice you'd give to people contemplating serving where the need is greater or in Nicaragua specifically?

Personally I regret not doing it before now. For me the hardest part was making the decision on where to go, once you have your destination in mind the rest is easy. My advise would be not to let indecisiveness stop you. Give it a try, you might just love it!

Thank you Andrea for doing this interview and keep up the good work!

*Please keep Andrea in your prayers and check out her personal blog when you get the chance.

Leave me a comment below and let Andrea and I know if you were at all encouraged by this short and sweet interview.



  1. Andrea, your picture is so cute! I'm so happy you're here to preach especially in Granada. Shelina really needs your help. I read your blog and see you want to take Spanish classes...I'll teach you *wink wink* :)

    1. Yes...I can't say it enough...don't leave me!!!

  2. Shelina...I wish you didn't post the pic so big....eek! You could have used the medium sizing. :)

    ....and I'm not leaving real soon...not to worry. I think I'll be back. :)

  3. Done! But this means that you have to come back ;-)