Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Help Wanted *Update

This lovely couple answered the ad I posted back in 2011. They've been here just a few months but have already been a major help to the friends down here. 

See their 5 question interview below:

Kelly & Jim

Why Nicaragua or was Nicaragua your first choice?

We've visited a few other countries since we've been married, all with the hopes of maybe moving there one day. We met 2 amazing couples who were serving in Nicaragua, and they invited us to come visit. We loved it! It's a beautiful country with diverse landscape full of kind people, many of whom really want to learn about Jehovah. And its affordable, so we are able to pioneer, working only a few months out of the year, hopefully. Thats the goal at least. :)

Do you Speak Spanish fluently, moderately, or at all?

Kelly speaks what some people might call Spanish. Sometimes it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't. She's got some lots of brushing up to do. Jim could say "El gato esta en fuego" and "calmate." He's doing WAY better after just 3 months down here!

Did you already know Nicaraguan Sign Language (LSN) and is it basically the same as ASL?

No we didn't. However, having known "a" sign language, it's been a LOT easier to pick up than Spanish. LSN has a substantially smaller vocabulary than ASL. In order to say the same thing in LSN (...which you can!) just requires more imagination and mimicking(acting things out). Jim's had an assembly part and talks at nearly every meeting. We both feel very comfortable with the language in the ministry and at the hall. What a relief to be able to communicate!

What helped/hindered you make the decision to move to Nicaragua?

Our families were an amazing support to us. They encouraged us to go for it! Also other friends of ours, like oh i don't know, the INTERVIEWER, seeing their example of simplifying and allowing Jehovah to take care of them was a real inspiration. Also it seemed like every month there was another article in the Watchtower encouraging moving abroad to preach!

What is one piece of advice you'd give to people contemplating serving where the need is greater?

If you think you want to do something like this, do it! Pray. Do your research, its truly a different way of life down here. Visit the area you're thinking of moving to. Settle matters back home (debts, selling stuff, etc.) and just go for it! Even if it doesn't last, it'll have been a wonderful experience. Jehovah knows what we're capable of, and if we allow Him to lead us, we can experience a joy serving Him beyond what we imagined!

I couldn't have said it better myself. Thanks for sharing your story with my readers. 

To the readers: If you are considering moving to where the need is greater or would like to visit Nicaragua please read the section of this blog entitled "So you want to preach in Nicaragua."

If any of you have any words of encouragement for this fabulous couple helping out in Nicaragua please leave your comments below.



  1. I finally get to "meet" the famous Kelly! Apparently we look like sisters to most of the folks down here. :) I however don't see the resemblance???

    1. You dont?! ...just kidding.

      You, Kelly and Shawn are like triplets no one can seem to tell you three apart. I'm now living with all three of you by the way ;-)

  2. The larger, strawberry blonde triplet would like to respond that this post was very "edificante." Look it up, Gannons! It will help improve your Spanish :)

    1. Thanks Shawn we can always count on you to keep us all on track!

  3. Hey I know them!!!
    it is El gato esta en EL fuego.....or estaba, because if it is a smart one it will not stay there long!! jijiji
    Kel gave me verbally her email...and i forgot it, can you send it to us pls?...

  4. Great interview! I'm glad you two are enjoying your time there. Are you serving in a group or congregation? Gannon's here is my email >> ACoom001@gmail.com