Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Not To Wear

What you pack to wear will, in the end, be strongly influenced by where you plan on spending the majority of your time.

Nicaragua can be divided up into various regions and there is some of everything for example here are just a few examples. 

The West Coast - San Juan del Sur, Las Penitas, La Salinas, and Corinto These are a surfer's paradise. You're going to have big waves and everything that comes with it.
The Caribbean Side -aka the coast, Pearl Lagoon, and the Corn Islands what you wear in the caribbean islands will work nicely here. Calm, warm and bright blue water.
The Hot Spots - Granada and Chinandega compete for who is really the worst for heat.
Cold Mountain Air -Especially in the drier months you'll want to layer up in Matagalpa, Esteli, and Jalapa.
Cooler But Not Cold - San Marcos and Cana de Castilla.

This is a very general overview, for more detailed information you can check the local weather on-line or just ask someone who lives in the part of the country you want to serve.

What about meetings, and assemblies?

If you're thinking that you're not going to need to dress as formally as you did back home, think again. Although it can get very hot here, you'll still need modest clothing. Cotton works best, especially if you tend to perspire.*

Shoes Shoes Shoes

I can't say this enough. Bring comfortable shoes! That doesn't mean buy shoes that you THINK will be comfortable and then break them in down here. That means test them out before you get here. Where them all day while WALKING not driving. So many of our friends come down and regret those new shoes after the first day of full walking down here. There's no special brand or supplier that works with everyone, you're really just going to have to test them out. If you plan on doing a lot of field service here, remember cars are not plenty so you'll actually be walking A LOT. Come prepared for dust, some mud, dirt, manure, and rain.

Now that being said, I'm a girl, if you didn't already know and I likes my cute shoes for assemblies and meetings. They can be worn. What is a common practice is bringing them in a separate bag to change into after riding on public transportation or walking to the local Kingdom Hall. But trust me when I say. After even one assembly you're going to want to have a couple pairs of nice shoes to wear.

I'm not going to tell you how much to spend on your shoes. You're smarter than that. Bring what you'll be comfortable in and don't skimp on the comfort or durability.

If you want me to tell you what kind of shoes I use. Check out my other post on shoes here


*Once your clothes have gotten soiled. It is very important to note that a thorough cleaning is required to avoid clothes fresh out of the washer but still smelly. You'll discover quickly that the throw-it-in-the-wash-and-be-done approach doesn't work here. There are bars of soap that they sell here that will be very helpful in getting out stains and smells that you pick up from nice long days in service.

More tips here

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  1. If you choose a hot spot (most of Nicaragua) just remember we're talking daily temps of 82-95F depending on the time of the year. And it's a humid heat so it feels worse. Even if you rent a place with A.C. your KH, territory, and most stores won't. So try to condition yourself before you come and pack 100% cotton, light colors only! In the middle of summer, shut off your A.C, open your windows a few days, and see how you react. That'll let you know what you're in for.

  2. So true! Can't emphasize it enough you will sweat. Positive point though, is that those last 15 pounds of water weight will disappear! ;-)