Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Is There To Do Besides Preach?

As a witness you have already determined that you love to teach people about the Bible and about Jehovah God. But what about after? Is there anything to do for recreational fun?

Well, yes there is, and here is just a few*:


Volcano Mombacho Activities
Making Chocolate at the Choco Museum
Spa Treatments (for less than half the price of Spa stuff in the states).
Swimming in Laguna de Apollo
Hotel Swimming
Rent a car, bike, scooter or bicycle and take a tour.
Great Eats - Restaurants are easy to find in this city and quite safe for travelers.


Markets (old and new).
Restaurants a plenty
Volcan Masaya


Selva Negra - The most German town in Nicaragua

The Corn Islands

Looking for a piece of island paradise. Well, this is it. Look no further. There's a reason why they filmed survivor out in this water. 

San Juan Del Sur

Featured so many times on International House Hunters for good reason. This beach front town is gorgeous and a fan favorite of surfers worldwide.


The all-inclusive resort 2 hours outside of Granada.


Corinto - Waves that only a surfer can love. 


Go to the Movies
Visit the Malls
Renew Your Visa

*Items that are not linked can be found with a simple google search. 

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