Monday, January 21, 2013

The Most Common Questions

Is Nicaragua dangerous?

Yes! Just like anyplace else in this world where people are imperfect. Take the same precautions here as you would if visiting any other big city in the country of your birth.

Do they have internet and phones?

Yes they do. That is how I'm able to stay in such constant contact with you. No we're not on the same network provider but the services are available here.

Do the stray dogs on the street bite?

No. I can say for certain that they don't bite because they won't get anywhere near you. They have a morbid fear of man for good reason. They won't bother you even if they're travelling in packs. The dogs you should look out for are the ones that have no fear because they were raised by humans who don't know the first thing about training a dog. These beasties usually have already bitten their masters so what's one more bite to them?

Can I drink the water?

No. Don't risk it. Especially, if you're just coming for a visit. There's no need to get yourself sick when you can prevent it.

How do people get around?

There is plenty of public transportation to get you where you need to go. Besides all that renting a car here is about as easy as any place. There are at least two options if you're coming to Granada: Budget Rental
Nicaragua Dollar

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  1. Dangers we noticed where we were in South America--the same. Scenario 1: Should you carry your purse loosely facing the street you're traveling on? NO. A motorcyclist will easily take it. Common sense! Wear a bag that you can cross over your body, and wear it on the side of your body that is away from the street.

    Scenario 2: Should you carry a ton of cash in your wallet? NO. Common sense. Carry a little bit in your wallet to appease anybody who wants to take it. Keep the real stash in a waist pouch under your pants/skirt. Though there were many Bolivians in our year there who were stolen from/accosted by people with knives, we gringos never ever ran into trouble by just following common sense, walking with a purpose, and never letting our guard down.

    The strays/dogs whose owners let them loose during the day were so sweet in Bolivia. Most were deathly afraid of them and threw rocks at them to keep them away, but me and Mike had many doggy friends on every street. They would run up to us just to get a little love. (We always carried hand sanitizer) ;o)

    Good questions answered, Shelina. Still following your blog regularly.

  2. Thank you so much for adding your scenarios. A lot can be prevented just by using a little common sense. I might do a future post based on this idea thanks for contributing. Also I miss you guys. Email me when you get the chance and let me know how you're doing.