Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Should I Bring My Electronics

Should I Bring My Phone?

There's two answers to this question: Yes and No.

You should bring your phone from home if: It is unlocked/jailbroke and has a SIM slot.

You should get a phone when you arrive if: You don't already have a phone with a SIM slot or if you don't currently have a cellphone.

Should I Bring My Laptop?

How else are you going to get the entire WT library down here? Trust me those books get heavy real fast and at the rate that checked luggage prices are climbing you need all the weight you can spare.

Should I Bring My Camera?

If you want to get those masterful shots that have everyone at home drooling over the fun you had, you definitely should.
Now the kind of camera you want to bring depends entirely on you but may I suggest something not too flashy that will entice someone to want to take it out of your hands or out of your bag.

Should I Bring My DVD player?

Please see my posts on the needs of sign language.

Should I Bring My iPad?

Why not? Again if you like books like I do, you'll miss them if you don't have a way to bring some down electronically. Tablets are all over the place in Granada. Most of the big towns have wi-fi some place and you don't need wi-fi to enjoy the ease of travel with something like a small tablet.

That being said, maybe you're wondering if it is 'safe' to bring your electronics. Let's be real people you can bring them just don't be stupid about it. Anything that you have can be taken from you at anytime!

Anything else I should add to this list?

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  1. Shelina, you know I spent 8 years in Memphis, TN--one of the highest-crime cities in the US...featured on The First 48 (about murders). Even there I never got robbed but just a few months ago some kid tried to steal my 3 year old Samsung Comeback (NOT a SmartPhone) right outta my hands. And it was daylight. And in the tourist district. So you really do have to be careful here. Just remember that even the cheapest, most common electronics at home cost triple that price here so they're enviable items for thieves....and adolescents I found out.

  2. You're scaring the kids, Shawn...no really. Of course you should be careful. Let's be realistic though: Memphis population 646,889 vs. Granada population 89409. Foreigner to local ratio considered, you probably stand out like a sore thumb a lot more in Granada. I wonder if you ask the average Nicaraguan how many times they've had their phone stolen out of their hands in their life time what they would say?