Monday, January 14, 2013


ADVENTURES IN NICARAGUA: CALLING POTENTIAL NEED GREATERS: Can you imagine this being your need-great territory?  San Juan del Sur calling.... Some of the sights you'll see if you choose t...



  1. Hi Sheila! I knew you way back when you went to the Hudson, WI congregation and I only had 2 kids:-) this is Jenni Waller, its OK if you don't remember me:-) but I am still in Hudson congregation (Troy Park), and now have 5 kids, and you are in Nicaragua!!!! Wow!!!:-) Jason and I are wanting to experience, and give our teenage girls a taste, of need greater life. We are strongly considering Nicaragua, which is how we found your blog. We will only be able to spend a week, unfortunately, but we are interested in the English cong you talked about here, we are trying to learn Spanish, but know very little, so English would probably be best for us:-) and we are trying to make our plans for February\March. I am sure you are very busy, but if you have a chance and could send any tips or suggestions or anything to help our planning, it would be GREATLY appreciated!
    Congratulations on such an exciting life in Jehovah's service. My girls and I have enjoyed your blog! Jenni, Jason, Natalie and Virginia Waller:-)

  2. Sorry Jen it took me a minute to place you but I do remember you. November has been a crazy month on top of everything else. So awesome to hear from my Wisconsin peoples. 5 kids oh my goodness, we're going to have to get caught up. No worries about getting in with English I have the connections you'll need. I'll email you with details. If there's anything else you need to see here to help you prepare just let me know.

  3. Hi - So we're a family of five here in the UK (kids are all teenagers) and thanks to Google have found your fantastic blog.

    We have just heard back from the Bethel and they have given us a choice of three congregations. Two are in Mexico and one is in Nicaragua. Bluefields to be precise. We feel a bit overwhelmed as all the plans to simplify our lives and prepare for reducing work etc seems to be slotting in to place.

    The plan is that we fly into Mexico in July and spend a month counting the cost (Luke 14:28). We then plan to leave the UK late 2015 to serve as need greaters / RBC construction people /whatever is needed. So if we do end up in Bluefields we will need to get from Cancun or Oaxaca somehow!

    We need to start learning spanish either way but any advice/contacts you can provide would be gratefully received. simon at

    Warm Christian Love