Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Call for Help

I've never done this before so I'm not too sure how it will be taken, I hope it will be taken as it is meant to be just a request for aid.

Where I live the deaf have many disadvantages that could be overcome with access to education and information in their own language. Here the only information on television that is interpreted for the deaf are political speeches and political news. 

The deaf that are in my congregation are doing what they can to bring more education to the deaf in their own and neighboring towns.  They usually accomplish this by way of showing DVDs that are in Nicaraguan Sign Language.

Unfortunately, there is a real shortage of portable DVD players down here. New or used there is little to choose from. Some have donated in past years but now those same DVD players are beginning to wear and break down.

I got to thinking about my friends back home who for the most part are upgrading to tablets and lighter portable video players. They might be sitting on old portable DVD players that they're just tired of and don't see themselves using in the future. So, on behalf of some of my new deaf friends, your brothers and sisters down here, I'm putting out the call for portable DVD players.

If you have one that you'd like to donate I'd be happy to place it with a good home. Please feel free to email me and we'll work out the details of delivery at that time. (Please do not ship by mail. It is not a secure method for receiving electronics.)

Thank you for supporting me always and for your help to the friends down here.


A Visit with Jesus and Patricia Caro

This photo was taken on Saturday after our meeting with all the deaf attending that day for the discourse by Jesus Caro.  Sunday there were these and more deaf that made it. What a great weekend of attendance. I only wished that I could have gotten Sundays pic, but I had to run with a couple of students for the bus.