Friday, June 1, 2012

A Night At The Movies

So I've been to the movies several times but haven't commented on the experience until now. We went to see a new movie in Managua at the theater in the MetroCentro mall. Of the three theaters that I've been to in Managua I would say it is my second favorite.

Negative: extremely long wait in lines to pay for tickets and to enter the theater. Plus side: You pick your seat before you go in so there's no worry about trying to figure out where an empty seat might be in the dark, after getting your snacks. Slightly cheaper than my favorite at Gallerias.

This was not our best night to go, it was too close to the opening night so the twenty-five of us couldn't actually sit together in the back. Can you believe it? :-) Instead, we were in the front looking up at the movie. Ouch!

Afterwards, to the food court for food. They have pizza hut! Woohoo!


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