Sunday, June 24, 2012

The New Love In My Life

five weeks/day 2

six weeks

7 weeks
I like kisses but not on the face!
In case you haven't heard. I have a new permanent roommate. The new love in my life is Cookie. She's  70% white and 30% brown/black but 100% Nica and obeys commands and accepts praise in both English and Spanish.

I think you know how she got her name just by looking at her, but I put up a comparison just so that you can see it for yourself. She reminds me of one of my favorite treats.

The ever patient Ollie

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Since this little precious bundle has joined me, in my home, we've also got another friend staying with us. Her name is Ollie and she belongs to a friend visiting the states right now. She's in the 'Puppy exchange while in the States' program. They will be together again when I go back to the US to work. But as you can see from the pictures they don't particularly love each other but they do tolerate one another.

Cookie likes to attack Ollie's pillow

Caught Cookie trying to sleep next to Ollie in the night.
I am having a great time with both *achoo!*
Yeah,  I'm still allergic.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Costa Rica

So I FINALLY got to see some of Costa Rica... here are just a few of the highlights from my trip across the border to renew my visa. 

I started with the last sunset we had over looking the ocean as the first pic just because it was so peaceful and beautiful. Thanks Irma, I got some of the best sleep I've had all year.

First stop was to San Jose to see Angeline's new home.

 Yes do not adjust your screen: that is a real strawberry in my hand. It tasted so sweet. We don't get fresh berries in Nicaragua just a little too far but in Costa Rica...mmm.mmm....good. They sell them right in the corner stores. 
People that's not another head, that's a mango! Takes two hands just to hold it.

Angline's little sister Katherine and I. This is the shy one :)

This little sweetie is a new addition to their family and our hearts. And just loved to jump on laps and hang out. Made us feel so welcome.

El barrio Lomas de Pavas where lots of Nicaraguans have settled.

This is my handiwork. She needed her hair done and I enjoyed doing it. 
Here's dad Alberto hard at work at the shoe shop. He works about half a block from the house. So close he can have all his meals at home with his family. 

Our sweet Angeline with her mother, Faviola and younger sister, Katherine. 
We miss them but happy to see them so nicely settled.


Friday, June 1, 2012

A Night At The Movies

So I've been to the movies several times but haven't commented on the experience until now. We went to see a new movie in Managua at the theater in the MetroCentro mall. Of the three theaters that I've been to in Managua I would say it is my second favorite.

Negative: extremely long wait in lines to pay for tickets and to enter the theater. Plus side: You pick your seat before you go in so there's no worry about trying to figure out where an empty seat might be in the dark, after getting your snacks. Slightly cheaper than my favorite at Gallerias.

This was not our best night to go, it was too close to the opening night so the twenty-five of us couldn't actually sit together in the back. Can you believe it? :-) Instead, we were in the front looking up at the movie. Ouch!

Afterwards, to the food court for food. They have pizza hut! Woohoo!