Friday, May 25, 2012

A Tale of 2 Lunches in Granada

So funny thing, I think I talked about this before, but in Nicaragua they have a kind of fast food called Vigoron (yuca, fried pork and cole slaw served on leaf). I don't care for it myself because I don't like yuca. Well, some friends from out of town in for the assembly wanted to get together and have lunch. Guess what everyone wanted today: Vigoron. Well, at least I didn't end up at the same place twice. 

This corner is a block East and North of my home, very close. In the background you can see the bus I take from the market in Masaya back to Granada on shopping days. 

Right now in Granada there are tons of people visiting from Mexico for the Route. They are passing through going to various locations and everyone wants to try Nica Vigoron.  Sometimes it's not about the food but about the people you're with.

Vigoron for lunch: place number 1, located in the market. Very well priced location just a little bit cramped. Not really restaurant more of a pick up and take with you. The seating is optional.

Smiles Coffee is a new restaurant in town that offers a variety of food options and wi-fi. The unique thing about it is that the entire staff is deaf. The menus and decor as seen above is all designed to facility communication with your wait staff without the need for an interpreter. Yikes, there goes my job :) 

One of my bible studies at his place of business.  He's working on making hammocks.  His boss is also the owner of Smiles Coffee.

All the sign language folks just loving this place!

Yep, coke in a glass bottle, mmm, mmm, good.
Over all a great day for lunch in Granada.

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