Monday, March 12, 2012

Las Isletas

Okay, I learned something new the other day. The islands of Granada are actually little personal sized islands with homes on them. Some large homes some small but all in all the islands are not that big. Here's just a bit of what we saw on our little boat tour.

 A view of Mombacho from the lake.

Don't worry I didn't get that close to the monkey I just have a really good zoom lens. By the way, monkey island was not as big and scary as I thought it was going to be. There were only a few trees on it.


Sunday, March 11, 2012


Here's some of the sights as we drove through. Don't let the pictures fool you. Chinandega is a city I just didn't get many pictures in town. But these shots of the outskirts were very nice with the majestic mountains playing up the landscape.

The former Kingdom Hall is where my friend is currently staying we slept here for a couple of nights. It was awesome. A little big for an apartment but very comfortable :)
The very next day were were off to the river for a swim. The ride up was interesting. It was further from the city than I thought but we made it. Some local sisters gave joined us for a swim and gave us a ride on their cart.

The water was incredibly clean. These little fish were in there too. Snakes? Well, I've heard that they get them but of course we didn't get that story until we'd already left. And didn't see one. "Whew!" 

Our ride home on the back of the truck was cozy.

This is our ride back from service on the back of one of those tut-tut bikes. It was fun and pretty quick.
We met at the Chinandega Kingdom Hall that hosts both English, and Sign Language.  There are other Spanish congregations that share the hall as well. There were so many people in Chinadega that I knew but didn't get to see the all. I hope on the next visit.

You can't help but feel carefree in the ocean. 

These were my traveling companions. four from Honduras, two from Managua one from Masaya and one from Chinandega. We had so much fun.