Friday, July 1, 2011

Some Fun Stuff

I know I post a lot of pictures from the Laguna but I always feel like each experience is unique and this one is no exception. So went to the Laguna with the guys...(no snide comments please). It was perfectly fun and then I got invited to play poker, eat pizza and drink pop (The Tremendous Three Ps).  No pictures of me winning at poker but let's just say for my first time I did all right. :-]

 They like to do things like dump each other out of kayaks...yeah, it's fun I admit it!

 Guys are funny and they do funny things like stand up on a tippy kayak. No one was seriously injured during the filming of these stunts :)

This little stunt was performed while waiting for a green light! Like I said guys like to do funny things.

Oh yeah these guys got my money. I'm a sucker for fire Jugglers!


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