Friday, July 1, 2011

Santa Clara/San Fernando

Diana, Melissa and I went for a visit up North to Santa Clara to visit a couple of Special Pioneers serving there.  Santa Clara is located in San Fernando four hours walk from the Honduran border. The air is much colder at night and in the early mornings there are many more trees and so much green up there it was amazing. This sisters hosting us were exceptional hosts and took us through all the exciting things you see below...

Here is my "preaching in distant lands" photo. 

 Here's my post card for the day.

Look mom, no road!!!
 Lots of crops of "frijoles" and corn in this part of Nicaragua.

Here I found a little moo moo. So cute! I love seeing all the well fed animals in this part of the country. They seem to like the climate just fine too.

 Oh yeah, we had to cross this little river to get back home.

Off with the shoes and up with the skirts.

Yep, an outside shower. It started to rain two seconds after this photo was taken. I can't tell you how much more fun an outdoor shower is while already bathing :)

 Something stung me and I was given this leaf to help with the cure. It didn't hurt as much as itch. Not a mosquito though I had plenty of those get me this was different but no ill effects. Just a big ugly mark. I think it's a bee sting, feels like one I've had before.
 Here is my lovely nurse helping me out. Squeezing out a little of the milk from the stems to draw out anything that might be under the skin. Nothing there...whew!

A night of Coke, corn bread and a movie.



  1. How far was San Fernando and Santa Clara from Granada? Is the corn bread like Columbian Arepas? I love the outdoor shower scence. lol

  2. Hot water or no?

    Very exotic pictures. Keep em' coming.

  3. Santa Clara is about four and a half hours from Granada. I'm not sure what Columbian Arepas taste like but it was a corn bready.

  4. Hot water?! Ha ha! So cute. The only hot water in Nicaragua I've ever heard of was paid for in advance :-p

  5. Ahaha just thought i'd check. The only hot water in our apt is in our shower, and it's electric heat. Otherwise, we boil water for dishes and clothes, etc.