Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day Late, a Dollar Short

Okay so I'm behind by a month but I think I can wrap it up in one decent post. I went back home for a couple of months to take care of a friend and some business. First stop Minneapolis, Minnesota. Yes I'm wearing my hat indoors and although pretty to look at it was bitter cold outside during my brief stay with my friend in the hospital.

She's making great progress at home and has even returned to work. Although she's still a bit weak she's much improved. I didn't go outside much, as you can imagine, but I did get to see some snow in case I was missing it. (no, not so much missing it.)

Returning to Florida was a whirlwind of activity. Not only did I get all the work I wanted and some, there was something to do almost every weekend. With so many people traveling to where the need is greater it meant going away parties galore. Here are a couple shots of the girls at Colleen's going away party.


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