Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That

During November I was able to get some needed work done but in between times this is what I was up to.
Hanging out in Miami at the lighthouse.

New York City and Upstate New York: My favorite place to play :)

A view from inside Brooklyn Bethel.

A group of Italians (deaf and hearing) we met during lunch in Brooklyn.

Chocolate by the Bald Man - Max Brenner (my favorite mexican hot chocolate). Yummm!

Shelina's NYC


Friday, October 7, 2011

September in a Nutshell

Sorry folks. I'm slacking in my blog duties but for good reason trust me. Don't worry I've been busy in spiritual activities :) No time to get the posts out like I wanted to though. Instead of sending separate blogs for September I'm going to make this one long blog full of some of the whirlwind activities for the month.

First up is the month's Under $5 special:

It's special because I haven't actually been to the market since this picture was taken. *sigh* I love fresh fruit and veggies.

 Here is a shot of me and my friends who are currently serving in Honduras. They were passing through from Costa Rica. We didn't have much time together but the experiences we got to share and the precious time we had was priceless. I'll get to see them again when I go to Honduras.
DDR at my house is still fun. I'm on the look out for another controller so two dancers can 'battle' it out at the same time :). Thanks to the projector we get a great view of the arrows.
 The Spanish friends in the area had their conventions in the month of September at the stadium here in Granada. I didn't get a picture of the buses parked out front but it was something to see. Thousands of people at the conventions every weekend.

Thanks to a good friend I ended up with these great seats covered and shaded. Hard to find at the baseball stadium. I had a wonderful morning but by lunch I knew I still needed to work on my Spanish. I had such a headache from concentrating. I'll do better next year.
 Here was a nice treat. I got a chance to meet my email pen pal who recently moved down to Nicaragua to serve for a year. Welcome to town, Shawn!

She's staying in the same area of Granada that I stayed my very first visit. She even brought down her little dog Ollie who's picture doesn't do her justice so it's not posted here but look for future updates on Ollie's Adventures.
 Here is a shot of some of the 'pretty' currently serving in Nicaragua. So glad I could stand tall with my girls. English conventions are so fun. I'm no longer the tallest girl or person. I'm currently wearing my 2-3 inch heals. That's how tall these girls are. Get I get a woohoo! (To the sisters of the traveling skirt: you'll see I had some great times in it. Now who's next? I totally forgot.)

 Here are all the friends riding the bus from Granada to Ticuantepe to attend the final day of the English convention. Of the three days, Sunday is always the most popular due to the dramatic portrayals commonly done during Sunday afternoon's program. So obviously there were a lot of brothers standing that day. Thanks guys. Oh there are four seats in front of the brother taking the picture so we didn't get everyone in the shot but I'm in it. See if you can find me. *teehee*

 Here are a missionary couple from Minnesota that I grew up with. This picture is for my mom. We still can't believe we ended up in the same country. Of all places to run into someone you've known since you were 11! They're serving in a town called Chinandega. It's a hot spot I know so many people there I feel like I've been but I haven't yet. I'm going to try to head up with the next speaker and then stay a while so that I can get to see everyone.
 "Okay, obviously it was a red black and cream day Jandra, what happened to you?" J/K here is me and my 'family' from La Villa. Marta and me with our floral accessories. It was the thing this convention because all three days there were faux flowers all over the place.

(Here again I'm the tall one but it's not so bad.)

Speaking of family here is my 'brother and sister' Diana and Ezekiel (english spelling :-)

Last but not least, this will probably be my last post for October because I'm heading back to work in a few days in the states and since most of you are there you don't need too many pix of life there. You're living it.

I will try to keep everyone updated on my whereabouts but for now. See you stateside.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Special Assembly Day

Our visiting speaker from Bethel Mexico

Meyling and Me


Eunice & Melissa

New CO and his wife coming to us from Costa Rica; yay Welcome!

Old CO and his wife leaving us and going to Spanish; we'll miss them lots!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Visas from Costa Rica

Here is our visit to Costa Rica. Yeah that's us playing cards in Costa Rica at the border. We didn't go sight seeing we were just there to get our visa's renewed. When we foreigners have to do something though we do it with style. Sidenote: this photo was taken shortly before the 'establishment' came over and told us that playing cards at the table was not allowed :)


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our New Publishers

Great news...we have 7 new deaf publishers in our congregation and it's so exciting I couldn't keep it to myself. Plus the group in Nandaime have one new publisher as well. 6 of ours and the one from Nandaime are pictured below our CO farewell.

6 of the 7 are all brothers and sisters in one family. Parents not studying but have permitted their children to learn and teach others about Jehovah. You can't imagine what it's like to see such a family progress.

These girls above are from Nandaime and the young man below is their new publisher.

Minus the first and last pic all other pictures here were taken by my young deaf friend in the pink striped shirt on the right in the first picture. She loves my camera and she did a great job getting lots of party shots. Goodbye AP & EP we're going to miss you lots.


My Visit to the Dentist

I got to the point where I needed a filling done and on the recommendation of friends I found this dentist office in Granada. Got my work done for right around $7.

They are very personable and speak a bit of English and now thanks to me a little bit of sign language too.

Thanks AP for the use of this pic of the dental team.


Friday, July 1, 2011

What you can get for less than $5 in July

I've rediscovered my love of veggies this month. Here's some of the goodies I picked up for less than five dollars. If they all look all kind of large it is not your imagination. They are the average sized veggies there is smaller and larger for all that you see here. Hmmm...yummy. Going to have a nice big salad for dinner tonight!


Santa Clara/San Fernando

Diana, Melissa and I went for a visit up North to Santa Clara to visit a couple of Special Pioneers serving there.  Santa Clara is located in San Fernando four hours walk from the Honduran border. The air is much colder at night and in the early mornings there are many more trees and so much green up there it was amazing. This sisters hosting us were exceptional hosts and took us through all the exciting things you see below...

Here is my "preaching in distant lands" photo. 

 Here's my post card for the day.

Look mom, no road!!!
 Lots of crops of "frijoles" and corn in this part of Nicaragua.

Here I found a little moo moo. So cute! I love seeing all the well fed animals in this part of the country. They seem to like the climate just fine too.

 Oh yeah, we had to cross this little river to get back home.

Off with the shoes and up with the skirts.

Yep, an outside shower. It started to rain two seconds after this photo was taken. I can't tell you how much more fun an outdoor shower is while already bathing :)

 Something stung me and I was given this leaf to help with the cure. It didn't hurt as much as itch. Not a mosquito though I had plenty of those get me this was different but no ill effects. Just a big ugly mark. I think it's a bee sting, feels like one I've had before.
 Here is my lovely nurse helping me out. Squeezing out a little of the milk from the stems to draw out anything that might be under the skin. Nothing there...whew!

A night of Coke, corn bread and a movie.