Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Day Off

Actually, I took a two days off but they felt like one. Here is some of the fun I had around town. I got to visit Jinotepe which is about thirty minutes from where I live. Not bad and we travelled by bus, it was interesting to say the least. On the way there, we got into it with the driver about how much to pay and on the way back the bus broke down. I'll tell you this, the food that the friends prepared for us was so good that it hardly mattered and I got my first pedicure too which was luxurious. Just another day in the life.

The other photos are in Laguna de Apollo. It is a beautiful lake that we can swim in just twenty minutes from my door. Some of the English group and I went and spent the day swimming and laying around like bums. It was a nice treat.



  1. Great pic of the laguna. What was the purpose of your visit to Jinotepe?

  2. You deserve it!
    Shelina, how many days of the week would you say you preach? Also, do you go shopping daily in the markets for your food needs?

  3. I would say I have the ability to preach everyday of the week. I usually take off Friday and Sunday for mental health also they are my meeting days. I go shopping at LaColonia which is like the "American" style grocery store. I don't like going to the market it's large, smelly and you need to be good at bartering and picking veggies and stuff and I'm not.
    The store accepts credit cards and so I can shop for the week and not have to carry around the cash.

    (No thy limits :-)