Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Visit to the Coast!

So I finally managed to get to the beach and not a minute too soon. San Juan Del Sur is all that I was promised it would be. A not so sleepy surfer town about 30 minutes from the Costa Rican boarder.

The waves from this particular cove go from beginner to intermediate with the tide and restaurants and hotels pepper the coast line all along the beach. We rented a chair and umbrella and made a day of it. I was even able to tag along for a boat ride to view the coast from the water. Our guide took us for an hour excursion and showed us the various caves that jut out from Nicaragua. We got a good look at Costa Rica oceanside.

Our little boat also happened to catch up with some whales that just happen to be feeding in the area this time of year. There were two small babies who surfaced and a larger whale (probably mommy) that never did. If what we glimpsed below the water's surface was any indication she was massive. The three moved very quickly making it hard to keep up with them with our little putt putt engine.

They don't have the rules about getting close to whales that we do in the states so to say we could almost touch them at times is an understatement. The two seconds of film of me and my friends squealing at the whales will be shown here as soon as I get a copy of the video and pix we took together. It doesn't do the experience justice but take my word for it when I say it's something to see. (Oh, and no whales were injured in the making of our film :-)

The cutie in the picture above is our friend Bella from California who's down with her parents supporting the ministry work in English. They all speak Spanish fluently including her and as you can see she discovered some wildlife right on the beach. Thanks to them I finally got to go to la playa, thanks again you guys!



  1. That is so exciting! Can't wait for you to post some pics or see them in person when you get here :-)I am happy you continue to experience new things and meet more people in Nicaragua. Keep up your hard work.