Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua?!

Yeah, I'm watching the first episode of Survivor Nicaragua. I admit it. I'm wondering if anyone I know is going to try to win the trip to Nicaragua :) As I watch these people on their televised beach some where off corn island, I'm thinking to myself: I need to hop on a plane right quick and check it out. There's gorgeous beach and water over there like we don't get here in the city. Until then...when I get back to the Florida I'm going straight to the beach.



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  2. Hey Shelina! Janet and I are definitely watching Survivor Nicaragua. Survivor is our one guilty pleasures. (OK, OK, it's one OF our guilty pleasures.) We'll have to look into that contest to win the trip ... I hadn't heard about that.

    Sorry we'll miss you when you visit Florida later this month. But we're going to be in Fort Lauderdale from December 12 to January 5 ... maybe we'll see you then???