Monday, September 6, 2010

August has left the building!

I'm starting to get out of practice here. I am living here now and finding my eye for the interesting isn't as good as it once was. I often don't have my camera at the ready anymore, my bag is filled with literature for the deaf, Spanish, and English now. It's harder to make room for my little camera. So here is what I could find that's new:

I currently have a new roommate and she is from Luxemberg and speaks everything except English, perfect for our Spanish practice since she's learning too. Her first language is Portuguese. She also speaks French and Italian. She's been great so far and we've found that despite the language difference we communicate very well and have a lot in common. So although, I miss Jess terribly I am thrilled to have a new sister to share my home with.

A little while back we took a brief tour of the the translation department of Bethel in Raizon. It is now a beautiful home to those translating our magazines and books into LSN (Nicaraguan Sign Language) Miskito and Mayangna languages.

One of our Bethel brothers there who supports the congregation of Masaya cooked for us and it was a lovely 'family' dinner.

This is the current look of the English group meeting in the territory. There are a few of the same faces but as you'll note from earlier pix of the group it is always about the same size but never the same group. It adds some spice to those who live here. Currently we have one little baby and she's the source of lots of fun. We'll miss you when you're gone Isabella.

This picture is of our one deaf and blind person at the Special Day Assembly. He and his wife were wonderful to talk with and all smiles when the camera is off :-)

Very typical that people don't smile for the camera the way we do in the states. Take note of that if you're trying to get a good picture, is customary for people to not smile during formal and informal pictures.

Here is my good friend Matt as the Bethel Speaker giving a couple talks at the Special Day and having them translated. The brother to his right is also at Bethel in translation and supports my congregation in Masaya. Matt didn't have any signs for us this time but we were happy to have him. The week before he gave talks to the Miskito friends in the North. Although they don't know where they will be assigned after the local Bethel closes it has been great having he and Mandy around.

If you don't know they were a big part of why I chose to come and serve in Nicaragua. They were the first to tell me of the need in sign language and were a steady source of encourage ment when I needed it. Thanks you two!

One of my bible studies came to the Special Day assembly so I am thrilled about that because he got himself there and home with little to no help from me. He met up with friends and enjoyed himself, he told me the next day at his study. I'm glad to report he's already making plans to come to the next convention in sign language and bringing his mom, who's learning sign language.
This adorable creature just curled up on my shoes one day during a break from preaching. We stopped at a friend's for lunch. She runs a restaurant kitchen out of her home so we were seated in the house and this little guy just couldn't help himself. I'm allergic, as most of you know, so I couldn't pet him but it was nice to be snuggled anyway ;-) I didn't do anything special with my camera to make it glow that was all the little kitty.

For those of your wondering I'll be making my way home again at the end of the month of September but I'll have pix from the English convention and hopefully much more before then so keep checking the posts.



  1. So happy you have a new roomie. I can't wait to see you on your next trip to FL. Keep it up :-)Glad to see Matt feeling better.

  2. What, you mean people there don't fake a smile for pictures like every American?? Cool! We are so fake. Cute cat, happy for your new roomie, can't wait to see you again.


  3. When you say "I'll be making my way home" I think you'll be coming to MN. Then i remember, and I scowl.
    I dont have any interesting multi-cultural and multi-language stories to write about but i still keep my blog if you ever get super super bored. Check it out.

  4. I know we have not said a holler in a minute but you always on my mind...nice to see yournew pix and great to hear about your study making it to the special day is comming this week end...I am very excited for it to be hear...I did get your message...just so you know....sorry no return call...