Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hurricanes make Havoc in Mexico

Yeah, I'm about a week late and here's the reason why. There was a little hurricane that hit Mexico. No, I'm not in Mexico but one of the major cellphone and internet companies of Nicaragua has a plant there that was hit. Thus the reason for the delay. While they were making repairs have the country didn't have cellphone or internet service. I have my internet with that company and my cellphone with the other. So thankfully I could make lots of calls but blogging was out.

So here's what you missed from last week. I went for a visit to Matagalpa. It is in the mountains a couple of hours North of where I live and in the middle of the country. Very green thanks to the rain we've been getting and cool. Actually for me, quite cold. I didn't have my jacket with me and I was regretting it immediately :)

While the boys were in the kitchen doing all the cooking we watched our chick flick in the living room. I couldn't resist these little dogs that spent most of their time outside but so cute.


  1. I agree they are cute...maybe you can look into using another company are have some kind of back up,,,

  2. Glad to hear from you again! Take care & have fun :)

  3. Hey Shelina? how long will you be there this time? We may return to Honduras in October...are you coming back in 3 months again? or staying ? kim

  4. Hey shelina! How are ya? Is Allison there with you? Hope you 2 have a blast! We're so jealous ;) KeL