Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Visitor

So glad I had a friend to come visit. It is hard to describe what it is like to move someplace and have all these experiences and familiar areas and people that no one else knows. Thanks the Allison that is no longer the case. She has walked the streets with me and let me show her 'my Granada.' These are just a few of the highlights: lots of great food, new friends and amazing volcanic sights.

Irma we met at one of our favorite restaurants: The Garden Cafe. It used to be a traditional colonial home and converted into a comfy open air restaurant.
Allison and I at the best pizza in Granada (dare I say Nicaragua :) Monna Lisa. Yes, Monna not Mona as Mona is a female monkey and not a good translation into Spanish for the lady in the famous pictures.
'Geo Metro' like rental then turning back from the road to Masaya exiting a parade during political holiday - requiring a second day rental *sigh*;
After a quick tour of Ticuantepe Bethel in Nicaragua and willing the small car straight up the road to this volcano then four flights of stairs to the top, making this shot - PRICELESS.

Just enjoying a glass of Pitahaya juice at Parque Central.


Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hurricanes make Havoc in Mexico

Yeah, I'm about a week late and here's the reason why. There was a little hurricane that hit Mexico. No, I'm not in Mexico but one of the major cellphone and internet companies of Nicaragua has a plant there that was hit. Thus the reason for the delay. While they were making repairs have the country didn't have cellphone or internet service. I have my internet with that company and my cellphone with the other. So thankfully I could make lots of calls but blogging was out.

So here's what you missed from last week. I went for a visit to Matagalpa. It is in the mountains a couple of hours North of where I live and in the middle of the country. Very green thanks to the rain we've been getting and cool. Actually for me, quite cold. I didn't have my jacket with me and I was regretting it immediately :)

While the boys were in the kitchen doing all the cooking we watched our chick flick in the living room. I couldn't resist these little dogs that spent most of their time outside but so cute.