Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just an excuse for a Party!

So I'm heading back to the states and the English group got together on my behalf. It was a fun excuse to do what we would have done anyway, which is swim, eat and dance and in that order :)
Here is a picture of some of the friends swimming in the rain. We were all wet from the rain so eventually everyone got in the pool it was great.

I am at the party enjoying another hammock moment. I find that there is just not enough time in the day spent swinging on a relaxing hammock as I watch the rain come down in sheets. The BBQ wasn't ruined though we still enjoyed a modest feast and plenty of CocaCola :)

Yes, this is my little souvenir, I picked up on the weekend. It actually has my name on it so no one can use it but me (lol). I felt like my home needed a little music so I've been practicing my new instrument. It is made of wood from Nicaraguan trees and put together by hand just a mile or two from my front door here in Granada.

There is a guy that makes guitars with his family and very reasonably priced. The business is called Guitarras Jarbor (thats the name of the wood used) and the name of the guy is Danny Jarquin. He plays in a band downtown most nights outside of a nice restaurant. As you can see it took about a month to complete this beauty but it was well worth the wait.


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  1. Love it, and would like to give them some bussiness, Since it takes a month to make, hopefully I can get it done before I come down so I can bring it back with me....let me know what it will take....