Saturday, May 8, 2010


I know doesn't seem like it to me either, but the time has come to go back to work. I find myself dragging my feet, I've made so many friends here and have finally started to settle in and now I'm leaving already. I'll only be gone from my Nica home for about a month but right now it feels like a long time.

This is what you sign up for however, when you travel and live abroad without being independently wealthy or retired :) Eventually, you must find a way to pay for those 'frescos.'

They are doing some construction on my street so the noise
level during the day is a loud mechanical now and the traffic on the street is down to a minimum during the 'off' hours.
The smell of the stuff they're putting down is like tar and something else. It gets on everything so you really have to be careful where you walk or you could be scrubbing the stuff off the floor on the inside of your house.
So with heavy heart, I'm signing off from Nicaragua and the next post will be from Florida. I have lots to do this month and it is all in pursuit of smiles like the one shown here of a little deaf girl who lives in Masaya on a road where few cars can make the steep climb. We went on foot and earned some exercise that you don't even get when you pay at the gym. Can't wait to go back.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just an excuse for a Party!

So I'm heading back to the states and the English group got together on my behalf. It was a fun excuse to do what we would have done anyway, which is swim, eat and dance and in that order :)
Here is a picture of some of the friends swimming in the rain. We were all wet from the rain so eventually everyone got in the pool it was great.

I am at the party enjoying another hammock moment. I find that there is just not enough time in the day spent swinging on a relaxing hammock as I watch the rain come down in sheets. The BBQ wasn't ruined though we still enjoyed a modest feast and plenty of CocaCola :)

Yes, this is my little souvenir, I picked up on the weekend. It actually has my name on it so no one can use it but me (lol). I felt like my home needed a little music so I've been practicing my new instrument. It is made of wood from Nicaraguan trees and put together by hand just a mile or two from my front door here in Granada.

There is a guy that makes guitars with his family and very reasonably priced. The business is called Guitarras Jarbor (thats the name of the wood used) and the name of the guy is Danny Jarquin. He plays in a band downtown most nights outside of a nice restaurant. As you can see it took about a month to complete this beauty but it was well worth the wait.