Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Three Weeks?!

I am amazed how fast the time has come and gone. I'm loving it here and feeling like this has been a wonderful experience for me. I'm going back to the states to work in about 3 weeks but I'm already excited about my return to Nicaragua.

I'll be
coming back with a bit more literature. It is amazing how you get used to things just being at the literature counter but we are short on Bible Teach books here and a f
ew other things so I'm working on bringing back a stash.

I've learned so much in my first 3 months and although I'm sad to leave I know it won't be for long.

We've had some changes here recently and I will be attending the Masaya Sign Language congregation as per Bethel direction so I'm excited about what fun I'll be having with them. It is about 20 minutes on the bus from where I live now but I'll still be working a lot of the territory in Granada as always. We have lots of deaf still here. During the week my meeting will change to Thursday evening.

The special talk is coming up and I'm very excited about that, April 18 2pm and I hope we have a great turn out. There is a zone visit happening while I'm here and I get a ticket! So thrilled we will have brother Loesch who I had an opportunity to hear speak while in Germany. It should be great. That will be on April 24th, a nice treat before I leave here.

This is a shot of my roommate Jessica and her friend Haley. We stopped at a local restaurant with a great view. The pictures of the view are here too.


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