Friday, April 2, 2010

Memorial Memories

We had a fabulous memorial this year. 40 in attendance and 10 of them deaf. I wanted to post some pictures of the people that support the group and have made me feel so at home while serving in Nicaragua. Jennifer pictured with me was the first person that I preached with in Sign last year. Most of my studies used to study with her at some time.
Ezekiel pictured with his wife gave the talk this year in LSN and did a fantastic job. He used a projector to show pictures during the talk and it was very well done. His mother in law is who I stayed with last year when I was visiting. Their family are my Nica family here. They are supportive in service and they do a lot of the interpreting at our meetings. I'm learning a lot from them.

Wesley and Leslie are pictured with their young bible study Ch
ristopher that got lost but stayed for the following memorial talk it was interpreted for him. I interpreted the prayers for him. (Ahhhh!)

The last picture here is of a kind sister that is a great interpreter and wonderful support to the deaf she's standing between a regular bible student who attends the meetings, Peter and our young deaf publisher Angelina. She and I have plans to work together on S
unday and she's full of laughs and great questions.

We just got th
e announcement that we will have a Zone visit with Brother Gerrit Losch. I'm so excited I hope I get to go, it's by special invitation but he is the same brother that gave some of our fabulous talks in Berlin last year.



  1. Shelina: Awesome pics! Great to hear of the growth where you are. It certainly makes it worth any sacrifice state-side, eh? Hope to hear more exciting news. Keep the posts coming! Luv, George & MaryAnne

  2. That was quite fab, seeing and hearing about all the developement there and of course i am always excited to hear about the momorial attendance....keep them comming and Jehovah be with you always....