Monday, March 29, 2010

Here comes April!

So, things are going well. I have a picture here of my roommate Jessica and the our friend Eunice over for dinner and a movie.

The other picture here is of the friends preparing for the Memorial on Tuesday night by getting the outside beautified.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunny Days in Service!

One of the best things about serving here is the many friends that come down to visit and those who you get to preach with. Here are just a few of the fabulous friends down here that have made service refreshing even on the hottest of days.

Also the places we get to see aren't so shabby either!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fresco anyone?

This is how the Nica's do it when they want to recycle (glass). Small plastic bags filled with ice and your favorite drink. The top of the bag is knotted around your straw and now you can walk and sip.

Mine happens to be, CocaCola....don't ask. They use original recipe, I'm addicted to the stuff like I am to Starbucks. What can I say?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Working in Construction

I had the privilege of working on a construction project here in Nicaragua near the lake. It was awesome!
Amazing we had five countries represented: The States, England, Italy, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

It was a full day of working. I shoveled most of the day. I was using gloves but I still lost a little bit of skin on my thumb. The day went the way most days with the friends, jokes, food, drinks and laughs. It was the kind of day that passed quickly while working to help Jehovah's people.


Monday, March 8, 2010

March is Here

Well, I am going on one month here and Nicaragua and not near enough blogs to show for it. I apologize to my friends and family who've been at the edge of their seats waiting for more news. My master plan to get internet at home has failed. One of my dear friends has loaned me a modem that I can use to make a few calls but the good news is there is an internet cafe just steps from my door and I think me and the lady that runs the place are going to be good "friends."

So to make up for time lost I am going to make sure that I keep the stories and pix flowing so that those who are keeping up get the most for your time in front of your computers wondering what in the world I'm doing in Nicaragua.

Well, let's start with the bigt news. I have an apartment of my very own. I am renting a 2/2 in what is called central Granada near to the Kingdom Hall that I'm attending. If you're looking at a map of Granada I am on the south and west side. I feel a little like I left Florida and planted my self in the same apartment in a similar part of town. Weird I know. The only difference is I have no water view. I am on a busier street and I have lost the feel of the suburbs here :) Although the street traffic is loud I have very respectful and quiet neighbors so that makes up for it. Also, I hope to have a r
oommate soon to share expenses w
ith. More on that developing story later. The apartment is secure and in a safe area of town and because I am on the second floor I get very fresh air and cool breezes at night. If you don't believe me come down for a visit :)

Next on the list of news is my visit to the Laguna in Catalina. Yes, I have finally started to see what the tourist come to Nicaragua for. Talk about beautiful. I finally saw some water. I have to say I didn't realize how much I missed it until that day. The weather in Catalina is more mild than Granada city as well. The breezes we got from Catalina made the day feel a lot less hot that I have become accustomed to.
Those of you who are on the edge of your seats wanting news from the Granada sign group will be happy to hear that I have two bible studies already and we are getting ready to start the campaign as most of you are as well. The territory will be changing here and it seems that this was the best time to arrive because everyone will be learning the new system along with me. I have had the privilege of working along side the English group and Spanish congregation as well and it is booming here. The people here are open minded, humble and spiritual minded which makes the work of sharing the good news about God's kingdom all the easier.

I have probably said this before and will say it again but, if any of you had or have the opportunity to travel and preach in a foreign field you will understand me when I say there is nothing more rewarding than this. I am only sorry that I waited so long to get here. To my friends who shared their fabulous stories with me while doing similar work, I thank you and hope that I inspire others have you have inspired me.