Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well the time has quickly arrived my friends. I have arrived in my new country and I find it much as I left it. It's a nice thing to know that time doesn't alter friendships and welcoming faces as quickly as it does other things.

My travel day to Nicaragua was a lot like the first one back in November. No phone no internet and a long wait for boarding as I sat nervously wondering if I was going to get the umbrellas aboard the flight with the rest of my carry ons. As it turns out, at the gate they allow you to check a 3rd bag. Yes folks a 3rd bag can be checked at the gate if you are carrying more than one carry on as I was along with many others. You are simply given a tag to
claim luggage and it arrives on the carousel with the rest of your bags. And yes it was free can I say: GO TACA!

I had to wait at the airport for a bit for the brothers to arrive because they had some car trouble but after a time they came and I was soon settled in a shared room at Bethel. It's so nice to be here and among the friends that helped me before.

This time morning worship held no surprises for me and I have kept myself as busy as I can during the day. It can be hard to wonder around bethel with nothing to do while everyone else works but this time I have brought work of my own to do and so I am less idle than I was the last time.

That is all for now enjoy the few pics here and look for more to come in the future.

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