Monday, February 15, 2010


Wow! I think the weather has been playing with me because it is officially hot like fire here. I wish that I could take a picture of the dusty state of things here. They water the streets like you water the grass back home because of the dust blowing into the house whenever someone in a bus, taxi, car or bike passes the place. A few kids on foot have the same affect. They are doing some construction across the "alley" from us and because the windows face that way there is a layer of dust that they fight on a daily basis to keep from choking on it!

But before I run away with myself on that subject...The nights are lovely. The cool breeze sweeps thu and I still need a little blanket but most of you know me already. I always sleep with a blanket. I just cant help it.

Dont worry more pictures to come hang in there with me and feel free to comment. I am happy someone did because I was starting to think no one was reading this thing besides me *smile*



  1. Hey Shelina. Wilton here from Jamaica. I have read your blog. Pretty interesting i must say. I trust with Jehovah's help you will most def deal with the lil things you may not be used to. But i'm sure that there are many blessings that are awaiting you. Well done Sis. All the best

  2. Tag my friend! I am really happy to read about your adventures. So where are you living? Will we get a pic of the house? Until next time.

  3. I have set up skype even though you have not responded back to my messages on there. I wanted to respond again to the excitement I feel for you and your new adventures. You always make me feel that I am right there with you experiencing the same. You are the light in my life when I need it most. Keep sharing those wonderful times you keep having..nothing is too much are too small to hear about..Jehovah must feel much in his spiritual heart as I feel in my physical one knowing his daughter is giving much to accomplish his will...that's what its about..keep on keeping on girl...all my love to you always...