Friday, February 19, 2010

Brrrr Cold!

I knew that title would get your attention! Now I laughed when I read in one of the travel guides when they said you get cold when the temp drops to 70 here in Nicaragua but a MN girl for 30 years. No way! Well it happened last night. The weather was actually nice and cool the night before and then the winds picked up and it was still cold and cloudy most of the day. Weird, I know. Weirder still is the winds haven't died down and they are rattling the tin roofs down here making it a little hard to sleep at night.

I have found the days spent in preaching a lot of fun. I am getting accustomed to the heat by drinking lots of water and my hunger has returned. I don't know where it went but it was light for a while. Starting to feel ravenous by 4:30pm everyday. That's Central time, for those who are wondering about the time diff.

Also I have to say its been busy here. Busier than I even thought it would be. The sign language group here is need of help. This is my call to all those even remotely interested in serving in sign language. The reason I say this is because most of the people down here helping don't know ASL. They are learning Nicaraguan Sign Language directly without prior knowledge of the deaf. When I tell you that they are doing a fabulous job, I'm not exaggerating. Their territory looks a lot like the territories of groups in the US. Lots of it and barely enough people to cover it in a year if that.
Sooooo, I say again, anyone interested I am currently making contacts for those interested in coming and if you need a place to stay, I have all kinds of folks that welcome visitors.

I am including some preaching pictures because I know you want to see what its like to preach in rural areas. No one cares about door to door in the city so I'll save those for myself *hehe*

Enjoy and feel free to let me know you care.



  1. keep them comming, i do not know if your receiving my responses, but I have been sending them, i truly appreciate the updates and i have been trying to respond every like I said I do not know if your receiving from me. It looks exciting and i think its great you are reaching out to others to join in this very needed disciple making work there. I will certainly pass on what i can to others about this call for you much

  2. I'll look into it. I have gotten several emails on the delay so maybe something is happening to yours. No worries. I am on it!

  3. hey glad you enjoying yourself! our date is coming fast!! i will let you know about honduras...btw did you change email? i email you but no response...Ftl growing have new faces visiting...attendance not below 60 anymore! love : morejon's