Saturday, November 7, 2009

Nicaragua 2009

Yes, everyone I'm back from Nicaragua and here is where you'll find the evidence. I had a fabulous twelve day trip so let's get right to the interesting stuff:My first day, I was picked up by Bethel transportation and brought directly to Bethel where I spent my first night. I'm not sure what I expected but the first thing I noticed about Managua was the mosquitos. Despite my mosquito repellant bath that morning I was continually attacked by their little sneaky mosquitos. They apparently didn't mind my repellant or my clothes since they went right through them to get to me.

The smell of Nicaragua is interesting to say the least. Yes there is livestock and pollution so you can smell those things but there is also the perpetual smell of burning brush. Smells something like burning marijuana leaves (if you are all familiar with the smell it takes getting used to). The sight of horse drawn wagons on the same road as fast moving taxis and other vehicles was not expected. I thought there would be some kind of clear distinction between the town and rural areas. There isn't. There are just as many cobblestone streets as there are paved ones.

The friends at Bethel of course were fabulous and warm. You'll see here that the grounds were beautiful there and the mountains behind Mandy show that the views are gorgeous. You just have to look up to see a mountain or a volcano. In her husband Matt's office we played around with the items that were going into the Nicaragua historical exhibit new to the Bethel Branch. He's also a bit of a collector of large intimidating looking insects as the one you see here. 


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