Friday, October 23, 2009

Hello from Nicaragua!

Hello everyone,

Well, here's the recap if you haven't heard... I'm here and loving it! My flight out of Miami was uneventful. Which is always a good thing. The flight was direct from Miami to Managua, Nicaragua. Two short hours later and I'm arrived. The time difference is one hour behind central and two behind eastern. Email and internet is a luxury (like AC) that I may only get here at Bethel so I'm taking advantage of the time to keep in touch. Sorry the option of downloading my pictures here is a no go but I'll keep trying.

Bethel escorted me from the airport to the Branch and it was a bumpy (cobblestone road) ride with a lot of harrassing and aggressive drivers. Don't think I'll be doing a lot of driving here but it was an interesting experience.

The weather this time of year is temperate and similar to Florida. The area that I'm heading to this afternoon is Granada. It is the tourist spot with all the things that American's seem to like. That means it all costs more too. But we'll see. The Granada Sign Language group needs help and that's where I will potentially be serving. There is a need for people who know sign to teach the deaf the bible and that's what I do :)

I will try to keep future posts short but wanted everyone to know that its hard not having my all in one G1 at my hip. Going through a bit of withdrawl but I'll make it :)

Ciao friends,


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  1. Nice recap, I always enjoy hearing about and seeing the places you go to. I know Bethel will be an experiance to remember no matter what the stay is. NY was great for us when we visited and I am looking forward to doing something similar in the future. With your visit their it's given me another oportunity to atleast hear and see some of the sites their. Thanks for looping me in....